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Hot Topics: Top 10 Blogs of 2016

We've featured a variety of topics, cases, and missed diagnoses on our blog this year, and we hope that you've found the content useful and relevant.

In case you missed some of 2016's most popular posts, here are the top 10 articles from the blog this year, according to our website visitor statistics. What was your favorite article? 

  1. Case: Failure to Diagnose Sepsis
  2. Case: Failure to Diagnose Spinal Epidural Abscess
  3. Acute Appendicitis: Surgery vs. Conservative Antibiotic Approach
  4. Case: Atypical Presentation of Acute Ischemic Heart Disease in Women
  5. Every Story Paints a Picture: EMR Documentation of Appearance & Activity
  6. A Distress Labor & Delivery Unit
  7. The Diagnostic Process: Rediscovering the Basic Steps
  8. First Impressions are Critical to Patient Experience
  9. Heart Disease in Women: Underdiagnosed & Undertreated
  10. 5 Low Back Pain Diagnoses You Don't Want to Miss


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