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5 Tips for Physician Engagement in Practice Change

Physician engagement is sometimes cited by organizations as a challenge on its path to implementing a successful practice change initiative.

Below are five tips for engaging physicians using continuing medical education (CME):

  1. doug-finefrockIdentify the goals of your organization/physician leaders and align education with those goals.
  2. Understand the physician population you are trying to engage and select formats that appeal to them. Buy-in is achieved best when the knowledge is coming from a reputable colleague. You can also create incentive programs (i.e. gift cards, premium discounts or credits, department participation awards/contests, poster display of power users/top performers in break rooms, etc.) to increase participation.
  3. Provide leadership training to create understanding of the value of CME while reinforcing the importance of leadership modeling.
  4. Align education with state-based CME requirements to allow physicians to collect CME hours specific to the requirements for relicensure in their state.
  5. Lastly, measure the change. The real power of education is through observed change.


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