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Hot Topics: Top 10 Blogs of 2018

Blog_GoodShift_MedProfSmileHandsCrossed_260x200pxWe've featured a variety of topics, cases, and missed diagnoses on our blog this year, and we hope that you've found the content useful and relevant.

In case you missed some of 2018's most popular posts, here are the top 10 articles from the blog this year, according to our website visitor statistics. Which article is most valuable to you?





  1. Case: Suicide in the Emergency Department
  2. Case: Boarding Psychiatric Patients in the ED
  3. EMTALA and Psychiatric Hospitals
  4. Incivility and Disruptive Behavior in Healthcare
  5. What is the Triage Competency Assessment Tool?
  6. Triage Goals: Rapidly Identifying and Sorting Patients
  7. 6 Common Errors in Fetal Heart Monitoring (FHM)
  8. EMTALA Considerations for Triage
  9. Informed Consent Process & Documentation
  10. Preventing Medical Errors: 7 Things Every Provider Needs to Know


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